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Working with cats

Please note that by listing specific websites, The Cat Group is not responsible for any information or advice given or acted upon.

Careers with cats, as with other animals, are not for the faint hearted! The pay is often low (or non-existent if you choose a voluntary role!) and the work can be physically demanding, but helping to care for an animal and working with its owner is generally reward enough.

If you have access to the internet, type in "careers with animals" and visit some of the numerous websites listed.

The College of Animal Welfare, Wood Green Animal Shelters, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire PE18 8LJ runs short courses on various aspects of animal care and gives advice on careers with animals.

There are a number of career options to consider:

Veterinary surgeon
Top grade A levels, including chemistry required.
For more information visit the following websites -,,

Veterinary nurse,,

Animal physiotherapist
Before specialising in the treatment of animals, you need to be a Chartered Physiotherapist (for humans). Visit

Running a boarding cattery
Contact the Feline Advisory Bureau on 0870 742 2278 or visit the FAB website: and see the relevant information sheet. A manual giving in-depth information is also available through FAB.

Working in a boarding cattery
This is likely to be on a part time, possibly voluntary basis. To ensure that you are training in a cattery which meets the highest standards, contact FAB as above for details of FAB listed catteries and the leaflet on Choosing a Boarding Cattery, which is also available on the website.

Contact your local college, careers office or library to see if relevant courses are available, part time or full time.

Working for a rescue organisation
Contact Cats' Protection - for information on local organisations or check Yellow Pages.

Setting up your own rescue
A manual, detailing all aspects of this work, is available from the Feline Advisory Bureau on 0870 742 2278.

Pet Bereavment Counsellor
Contact the Pet Bereavement Support Service, co-run by the Blue Cross and the Society for Companion Animal Studies on 0800 0966606 or e-mail:

Pet behaviourist
Contact the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) - e-mail: P O Box 46, Worcester WR8 9YS Tel: 01386 751151

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