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Queries about neutering

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At what age should I neuter my kitten?

Pet kittens can be neutered from about four months of age.

See the Cat Group policy statement on timing of neutering

Should I let my cat have one litter?

There is absolutely no need for cats to have one litter.

It will not affect temperament and cats will not have a desire to reproduce unless they are allowed to come into season.

Neutering before puberty ensures cats do not become pregnant by accident and that more kittens are not born which may not have homes to go to.

Can I get help with the cost of neutering?

Some organisations provide help with the cost of neutering.

RSPCA Branches may help.
Your local contact can be provided by the Enquiries Desk on 0870 3335 999

If you are on a low income, benefit, pension or are a full-time student, Cats Protection may provide a voucher towards the costs of neutering.
Contact the Helpline on 0870 209 9099 or e-mail:

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