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I am moving house. How can I help my cat to adapt?

Cats may take a while to settle into their new home but practical steps can be taken to make the transition as smooth as possible.

A Blue Cross/FAB information sheet on 'Moving house with cats' is available through the FAB website -

I want to introduce another cat into my home. How can I avoid antagonism?

Helpful information is available on the FAB website -
Look for the Blue Cross/FAB information sheet 'Introducing your cat to other cats and dogs'.

We are about to become parents. Should we be treating our cat differently?

It is wise for pregnant women to wear gloves while gardening or clearing out a litter tray in order to avoid the small possibility of infection from a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii which can be passed on to humans via cat faeces. (Better still – get someone to carry out these tasks for you!)

Once your baby arrives there will be less time available to give your cat attention, so in the weeks leading up to the birth accustom the cat to less interaction. Many parents prefer to keep the baby's room a cat-free zone but it is advisable for the cat to be allowed to smell the room and its contents before the baby's arrival so it becomes accustomed to them.

How the baby and cat develop their relationship will depend much upon the cat's temperament but with common sense and an awareness of the needs of both parties, it can be rewarding on both sides. Additional information is available through the Feline Advisory Bureau – ring 01747 871872.

My cat has died. Is it normal to feel so distraught?

The loss of a much-loved cat can be a devastating event and owners may feel all the emotions of grief experienced when a relative dies – anger, immense sorrow and even guilt. These are perfectly normal.

There is help available for those who need someone to talk to – contact the Pet Bereavement Support Service, co-run by the Blue Cross and the Society for Companion Animal Studies on 0800 096 6606 or e-mail:

If you wish to arrange a private cremation for your pet, contact the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria, Nunclose, Armathwaite, Carlisle CA4 9JT
Tel: 01252 844478   Website:   e-mail:

If your cat is elderly and unwell you may be facing a difficult decision about his or her future. Helpful information on the subject of euthanasia is available in a Blue Cross/FAB information sheet through the FAB website -

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