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Going on holiday

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Finding a good boarding cattery

It is always advisable to visit a cattery before booking your cat into it and any reputable cattery will encourage you to do this.

Recommendations from friends are the ideal way to choose a cattery but if this is not possible you can check what you should be looking for by visiting the FAB website - - and reading the information sheet 'Choosing a boarding cattery'.

FAB Listed Catteries are also on the website.

Finding a cat sitter

If you prefer to leave your cat in your own home for a short period, you can ask a friend or reputable cat sitter to call in regularly to feed and socialise with your cat. Alternatively, you can arrange for someone to live in (this has the added advantage of providing security for your home and may work out cheaper than a cattery if you have several pets).

For more information, contact the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters (NARP) Tel 01584 711534 (to register) 020 7413 9990 (information line)
or type in British Pet Sitters or British Home Sitters on a search engine to access a number of websites.

Travelling with a cat

If you do need to travel in a car with your cat, ensure that it is safely contained in a cat basket or carrier, properly secured in the car with a seat belt, in the well behind the seats or wedged safely in the back so that it cannot move around.

During a long journey you should stop to offer the cat water and/or the chance to use a litter tray but ensure that all doors and windows are firmly closed during this break so that the cat cannot escape.

The car should be well ventilated on a hot day and never leave a cat inside the car on a warm day - the interior can heat up surprisingly quickly.

Cats, foreign travel and quarantine

Cats are very attached to their own territory and most do not enjoy travelling.

Taking a cat abroad and returning it to the United Kingdom requires considerable forward planning in order to meet government regulations. Your cat must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies. He will then need a blood test and a PETS (the Pet Travel Scheme) certificate. Prior to returning to the UK your cat must be treated against ticks and tapeworm between 24 and 48 hours before he is checked in for the journey. Pets can only be carried on certain routes and by certain airlines.

Full information on PETS is available from DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Area 201, 1a Page Street, London SW1P 4PQ. Tel: 0870 241 1710    e-mail:

Information on quarantine is available from DEFRA at the above postal address or on telephone number: 020 7904 6222 or e-mail:

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